Partner Newion

Newion is on a journey. They have the ambition to become the leading series A SaaS and enterprise software VC in Europe. Newion is well known for over 60 IT investments, amongst which Collibra, Mirror42 (acquired by ServiceNow) and Foleon.Newion is expanding rapidly, both in terms of fund size and organization. To realize their ambition, they… Lees meer »

Managing Director PureTerra Ventures

PureTerra Ventures looks for early stage technologies in the water and environmental sectors that are poised to make a positive impact at a global level. The Fund invests from early stage commercialization onward and is committed to building long-lasting relationships with the entrepreneurs behind the portfolio companies and actively contributing to the commercial success of… Lees meer »

Investment Manager Triodos Renewable Europe Fund

Triodos Renewables Europe Fund has the ambition to accelerate the energy transition by investing in projects and initiatives that contribute to combating climate change in Europe. Current investments are in 23 wind and solar projects across seven countries in Europe. In the strategy a broader approach is pursued including energy efficiency and energy flexibility investments…. Lees meer »

Investment Manager ENERGIIQ

Het energie-innovatiefonds ENERGIIQ investeert in innovaties, die een bijdragen leveren aan de transitie naar schone, duurzame energie. ENERGIIQ biedt een breed scala aan financieringsinstrumenten waarbij ENERGIIQ de juiste voorwaarden schept om de groeikansen van innovatieve ondernemingen te maximaliseren. Hierbij richten ze zich primair op het financieren van de commercialisatie van innovatieve naar bewezen technologieën.ENERGIIQ is… Lees meer »

Investment Manager IQCapital

IQCapital investeert risicokapitaal in startups, scale-ups en volwassen MKB met focus op lange termijn om verdere (internationale) groei te realiseren. Deze ondernemingen kenmerken zich door gedreven management en een duidelijke groeistrategie. IQCapital investeert in bedrijven die actief zijn in de sectoren: Cleantech, High Tech & Smart Industry, Horticulture, Life Sciences & Health, Safety & Security,… Lees meer »

CEO Taxi Electric

Taxi Electric is de eerste volledig elektrische taxiservice van Europa met als missie de taximarkt te verduurzamen. Taxi Electric is gevestigd in Amsterdam en heeft concrete plannen om in een franchise model taxiservices in heel Nederland aan te bieden. De functie De CEO wordt verantwoordelijk voor de landelijke uitrol van de ‘service’ organisatie om de… Lees meer »

Fund Manager Goeie Grutten

Goeie Grutten B.V. aims to create impact through investments in innovations related to the food & agriculture value chain, healthy nutrition and clean technologies. Through their investments, they strive to create sustainable health impact or environmental sustainability alongside financial return. To professionalize their impact investments, Goeie Grutten B.V. aims to set up an impact venture… Lees meer »

Associate Veris Investments

Veris Investments is an independent investment company that makes equity investments in companies with activities in the food value chain in Sub-Saharan Africa. By providing long-term capital and hands-on support to companies and projects, Veris Investments aims to build successful businesses in close cooperation with their own management. Through investment in the development of a… Lees meer »

CEO Simaxx

Simaxx has developed a software platform to improve building performance in terms of indoor climate, operational costs and energy consumption. The platform continuously collects data from buildings e.g. building management systems, light control systems, all sorts of sensor systems, smart meters and transforms this into useful information based on smart algorithms. Simaxx works 24/7 and… Lees meer »

Finance Director for Lagerwey

Lagerwey is a Dutch company active in the field of designing, producing and supplying modern multi- Megawatt wind turbines. Lagerwey’s technology distinguishes itself by simplicity, durability and reliability and is founded on their direct drive technology with permanent magnet generators which they produce in house. During the last 35 years over 1.200 Lagerwey wind turbines… Lees meer »